Experts in CG and Games
Let us help you take your project to the next level with our cutting-edge CG art, mobile products, cinematics, and VR experiences.
Experts in CG and Games
Let us help you take your project to the next level with our cutting-edge CG art, mobile products, cinematics, and VR experiences.
Why FOX3D?
Fox3D was established in 1999 and provides art production services to game developers of all sizes and top game publishers from North America, Europe and Asia.
Expertise and Experience
We have a deep understanding of the technical aspects, industry trends, art production tools, software and game development best practices.
Fox3D team maintains a high level and quality of communication regardless of the client's time zone, region and communication tools preferences.
Customized Solutions
Our clients have unique requirements and expectations based on the nature of their projects. Fox3D will become a reliable, professional and flexible partner for a game developer or publisher of any size and experience.
Efficient Project Management
Fox3D team and our skilled production managers have strong project management skills, ensuring effective coordination, transparency, timely deliveries, smooth communication throughout the process and all kinds of consultations, including pre-production.
Art vendor
Art outsourcing
3D Environments
3D Characters
2D and 3D art
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Trusted game art outsourcing studio
FOX3D has created 98% of "Subnautica" and "Subnautica:
Below Zero" game assets and art
Teams & Disciplines
Since 1999 Fox3D and each of our 20+ lead and 70+ senior artists has either created or taken part in the art development for over 50 AAA titles and hundreds of Indie and AA games for all major platforms.
Some of the recent projects we have been involved with:
Our Clients
We are happy and proud to work with talented, successful and ambitious representatives of the gaming industry
Key Team Members
Based in Estonia, we can provide you with the best talents from Eastern Europe - top-quality artits, managers and other game development experts.
Den Fox
CEO, Creative Director
Deniss Kalinkin
Business Development Manager
Aleksei Semjonov
Sound Designer
Yuliya Dikun
Business Development Manager
Elena Boiko
HR manager
Aleksandr Kirilenko
Art Director
Sergey Solovyev
Lead 3D Artist, Art Manager
Konstantin Ilyin
Lead 3D Artist, Art Manager
Lead 3D Artist, Art Manager
Art Manager
Lead 2D Artist, Art Manager
  • Our skills and expertise
    We specialize in 2D/3D art production for PC, console and mobile games, cinematics, movies and AR/VR.
  • Our talented team
    Our diverse team comprises of 100+ talented professionals from the game, movie and digital entertainment industries.
  • Our experince
    20+ years of experience and hundreds of projects, including 50+ AAA tiles.
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